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I think some people should go out and get some pure american muscle cars lol

"The gap with the 335i is definitely gonna be wider but the price looks to be disproportionally wider. As for 400 HP beeing "insane", trust me it's not. They had the Porsche guy on TV the other day (North American sales chief I believe) asking what it wil take to compete in the sports segment going forward and he said 500 HP is the goal today and will likely increase going forward."

Relative to what?
If you think this "500HP" is significant, you should consider getting a Ford Shelby GT500 Coupe. hahaha

Jokes aside, I am pretty sure that it won't be around $80,000.
Fully Loaded E46 M3 was around mid 60s.
We are talking about $20,000 difference from going I6 to V8.
Indeed it is a big difference but this argument just doesn't make sense.

Man...When is this thing coming out anyways? I need a break. hahaha