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Originally Posted by l2f View Post
Drove some of the "competition" this weekend, and still interested in M3.

Any explanation for why so many M3 coupes are for sale as compared to sedans? Any other good forums or sites to look for individual seller of 2009? Currently looking at, ebay, autotrader, and this forum.

At this point, I am buyer for the right car -- just need to find it.
You are the guy I need to talk to.

I keep going back and forth between what my next car will be a e60 M5, E90 M3, S5, RS4, C63, or 08 550i M-sport is in the mix too.

Care to share your opinions on the competition and why you got rid of the M5?

The reason I want to avoid the M5 is the SMG......but then Manual is not up to the task either