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Originally Posted by mtla4 View Post
Exactly what I meant. Why buy a DD that can potentially have more issues than your week end car?
You just want to turn the key go to work in your suit and tie.

I remember in my younger days I used to drive my modded civic to work and I often had to pull on the side of the work to adjust something(throttle cable, something loose, loose cf hood etc)in my suit and colleague which was way older than me told me listen kid...been there(he had modded Trans/Am, Stang, 80s Civic in his youth) done that. Kid drive something cheap,reliable and stock that doesn't draw attention from the bosses to work keep your civic at home that way you don't dont walk into the office with a dirty suit. I went to the dealer later that day and bought a brand new Mazda Protege(did put some wheels, suspension). Within 6 months I sold the problematic civic.

If you do decide to mod your DD, just throw some bolt ons, like an exhaust, intake, wheels, suspension. Otherwise if youre set on buying these problem prone machines just DD your M6 and keep a stage 3 S4, F/I M3 as the week end warrior.

Trust me on that one. I had an A4 that was blowing coilpacks all the time what a was under warranty too.
Couldn't agree with you more. This is exactly the reason why I sold the evo and got an 03 golf TDI. Pretty drastic difference as this thing is slow as balls, but it gets 45 mpg and gets me to work.

I DDed my evo with suspension work, built motor, big turbo and the whole 9 yard for 3 years and it was fun at times but also aggrevating. I'm glad I made the switch, and now I have a peace of mind that I have a solid DD for at least 10 years from now. I just need a nice weekend car.
03 Golf TDI w/ r32 conversion - 120bph/40mpg ftw for now..
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