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Originally Posted by maswastage View Post
Didn't the tesla take about 16 hours to recharge? And have range of about 200 miles? It's a great concept vehicle, but like you said, I wouldn't want to own one.
90+% of people drive less than 30 miles per day. if I had one for commuting, I could drive for a month before needing a recharge.

I was looking into the Chevy Volt, with a 40 mile range, and a gas engine that then keeps the batteries charged for driving for another 300 miles or so. But even then, I could commute in it on electricity, charging it once a week, and spend about $4 a month in electricity to keep it charged and possibly have the gas in the tank turn to varnish due to never getting used.

The Tesla is a second car, and as such, has ZERO need to be a long distance tourer. Same goes for the new Tesla Model S sedan. At a 200 mile range, I could recharge it once a month and be able to use it for 99% of my driving. The version with the 300 mile range, I could even drive up to my in-laws in Hartford CT, recharge it ther overnight, and be ready to drive back the next day, recharge at home, and still be ready for another month of commuting.

There are almost 200 million drivers in the US. Even if the Tesla was perfect for only 1% of them, that's still 2 million drivers. At 100k cars per year, it would take 20 years to make enough to sell to just that 2%, so there is definitely a business case for making them. Just because it isn't 100% perfect for 100% of YOUR driving doesn't make it a failure. MOST cars aren't 100% perfect for 100% of the tasks that people put cars to. For example, my Range Rover isn't a very good sports car, but my sports car can't tow a travel trailer.
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