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Originally Posted by Jeff_DML View Post
One of my FOB has stopped working, cannot lock the car anymore and needed to insert it in the slot to start it. Car is only a year old so kind of surprised the battery is dead.

Anyways I popped it open and saw replaceable battery. I called up my local dealer to see if they could replace it and they told me it is rechargeable and I just need to put it in the slot. Told him I had comfort access and he again he told me it is rechargeable. To me it looks like a standard replaceable battery that I assume does not charge. So what is up?

Never ceases to amaze me how uninformed dealers can be about their own product.
This isn't complicated. It's a battery. It's not rechargeable. They don't normally last more than a year, sometimes less. You can get them for a couple bucks at any store. Battery type 2032. Buy three, and throw an extra one in the glove box. Don't know why there is so much confusion about this. Well, I guess misinformation spread by uninformed dealers doesn't help.