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You can try asking the dealer to lock in your 335i's trade-in value so you can drive it until your new M3 comes in.

Originally Posted by Jet335i View Post
Hey all,

Kind of a stretch but i wanted to ask: if you've placed a custom order (in this case a new 2011 m3) that's not arriving for a couple of months and you're getting rid of your old car now - has the dealership you've ordered from offered to put you into a loaner until the car comes?

I'm in a bind since I'm getting rid of my 335i soon and I can't find a 2010 model that fits what I want (the i6MT nterlagos blue i want has a terrible interior, and I found a 6MT lemans blue with great interior, but i'd prefer IB). So, that leaves custom ordering but that won't be here for a while.

Maybe this is a ridiculous idea, but i saw some threads over on e90 about this so I thought I'd ask. I was thinking of going to a local dealer and leaving an extra grand or two on the table in exchange for them putting me in a loaner until my order arrives.

What do you think - worth a try or flame-worthy post?