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Originally Posted by CATCH_M3 View Post
I mean no disrespect but he asked for a 12 second car.
You can't suggest a 14 second car and then request to end the thread lol.

Sure he can blow his whole mod budget (6-8k) for a good turbo kit for a G35.. But then you better hope he goes for a PERFECT g35 coupe that needs no maintenance since he wont even have money for safety items even (brakes, tires, etc), let alone other performance upgrades (clutch, suspension, brakes, any cosmetics, exhaust bits).

And if his budget is around $25,000, you WILL be able to find a car that goes under 13 second in the quarter if you can sacrifice a bit in the 'style' department if this is truly a 'beater'. Im talking an easily tuneable turbo car or a V8 with potential (possibly Supercharged). So things like a Mustang, C5 Z06, 300zx-TT, Supra (w/ 2JZ), Skyline, 240sx, STi, EVO are cars to consider. My friend has a 240sx he DD's the whole summer that runs around 12.75 in the 1/4. (He is quite mechanically inclined though). So it CAN be done on this budget.

Again I mean no disrespect. This is my 2 cents, and I don't mean for any animosity . Let's have a good discussion!

no offense taken. but dont you think the OP is asking for a bit much considering his budget limitations and desire for a good reliable DD?