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exactly def agree with you and just meant alot of the owners not all.

the guy who bought my 2003 Dinan S2 M3 lived in Cali and had endless money and was an exception bc he drove his Stradale 360. he bought my M3 to use at a track near one of his other homes. lol must be cool. that was one rich guy who drove the cars he owned not got them for status or for chicks

but then there is a guy who lives near me here and got a 430 Spyder and has it about 1 year now and put maybe 300 miles on it and in fact doesn't know much about it. his grounds keeper put more miles on it them him. i know he told someone at a party he got it just for the chicks and to have in the garage. he is trading it in for the new 458 so he says. that kinda stuff rubs me the wrong way. i guess bc i am a car nut and get a car i like and want bc i want to drive it not to show off or bc i have no game and can't get a girl without it

k rant over lol

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fwiw, I work in the film industry (and also live in Malibu.) I end up getting familiar with people who have endless bank accounts and who also like cars.

I find that people who buy lots of high end cars leave them in the garage only because they just don't drive them. Sometimes it's about too much work and no time. But what usually happens is they end up favoring a particular car and the rest of them just sit. For these people a car has nothing to do with impressing people or getting the ladies (no reason for that), but it's just about the car they really like driving the best.

Think about if you owned several homes. You can't be in all of them at one time. You usually end up spending most of the time in the one you feel most comfortable in and really like. The rest go unused.

Same with the cars. And so they get very little mileage put on them. But money is no object so why sell them.

(And this brings me back to the point of just buy the car you really want to own and drive, and not just some brand name that you've read is the "best" or "most sick" whatever....)
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