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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
that is just it though if you are well off enough to own a F car and pay for all required maintence etc then who cares if it goes down in value bc you drove it. isn't that the point of buying a car to drive it?? buy a painting then if you don't want its value to drop

but me if i have the money to go that route then i am gonna drive it like i stole it and not give 2 shits what it is worth when the ride is over

i am sure alot of rich guys buy it for the status thing then don't drive it or ones that have no game and use it to impress the ladies etc too lol
fwiw, I work in the film industry (and also live in Malibu.) I end up getting familiar with people who have endless bank accounts and who also like cars.

I find that people who buy lots of high end cars leave them in the garage only because they just don't drive them. Sometimes it's about too much work and no time. But what usually happens is they end up favoring a particular car and the rest of them just sit. For these people a car has nothing to do with impressing people or getting the ladies (no reason for that), but it's just about the car they really like driving the best.

Think about if you owned several homes. You can't be in all of them at one time. You usually end up spending most of the time in the one you feel most comfortable in and really like. The rest go unused.

Same with the cars. And so they get very little mileage put on them. But money is no object so why sell them.

(And this brings me back to the point of just buy the car you really want to own and drive, and not just some brand name that you've read is the "best" or "most sick" whatever....)