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yeah sorry bout the year mistake but you know what i meant

that is just it though if you are well off enough to own a F car and pay for all required maintence etc then who cares if it goes down in value bc you drove it. isn't that the point of buying a car to drive it?? buy a painting then if you don't want its value to drop

i could see rare classic cars not being driven much like a F 250 GTO or other rare cars that actually go up in value

but me if i have the money to go that route then i am gonna drive it like i stole it and not give 2 shits what it is worth when the ride is over

i am sure alot of rich guys buy it for the status thing then don't drive it or ones that have no game and use it to impress the ladies etc too lol

Originally Posted by M3 vert View Post
There was no F430 in 04, but I see your point.

The reason many dont drive them is because they dont want to put unnecessary mileage on them. How many ferraris do you see with high MILES? VERY FEW
They would suffer enormously when it comes to resale. Ferraris and HIGH Mileage dont go hand in hand!

A lot of owners purchase them and hold on to them and would then keep it until the new one comes out, and maybe perhaps if they like the NEW style they buy that one too , its a GARAGE collection and it keeps on getting bigger and bigger!

At least thats what I have seen in Canada.
Most ferraris on autotrader have less then 20,000KM (very few have more then 30,000KM< AND BARELY any with more then 70,000 km )

And yes some owners just sell them before its due for its first service
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