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Just to follow up on my post, I don't envy any of the above mentioned cars since I bought my GTR. Couldn't be more happy! Sure I would love to have a warehouse full of great cars, but shy being able to do that, I needed something that does a lot of things as well as possible! So for me the GTR truly is an amazing piece of engineering, practicality, performance, and maintainable.

I drove it in the snow on purpose yesturday to see how it would do, the AWD system kicked in when I hit a patch of ice and the thing was astounding in terms of regaining control! (keep in mind, I have summer performance tires on this thing).

BTW, the only other car I would concider getting outside of the GTR is a Bentley Continental GT S. That thing is AWSOME! A used one with low milage can easily be found for your budget of 130k!