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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
if you are gonna actually drive the car then def have alot of extra money on the side for oh shit money if you get the F430. if your gonna make it a garage queen like most do then the F430 is awesome if that is all you can spend

if you can spend no more then what you listed and actually want to drive the car then i would say GT3 RS

me personally if i ever get enough money to get an F car it would be a Stradale or a Scuderia or the new 458 is just sick. if your gonna go that far mine as well get the best of it

and for the sensitive folk when i said drive it i meant put more miles on it then most do that own a F car, you know the ones that have a F 430 and it only has 800 miles on it and it is an 04.

i come from nothing if i was gonna buy that car i would drive that bitch all the time as much as i can.

i never understand the people that buy these kinda cars just to be garage queens
anyway good luck in your choice

oh and on something that expensive i would make sure you get not just one PPI but maybe a few from some good independent shops that would have no affiliation with the owner etc

There was no F430 in 04, but I see your point.

The reason many dont drive them is because they dont want to put unnecessary mileage on them. How many ferraris do you see with high MILES? VERY FEW
They would suffer enormously when it comes to resale. Ferraris and HIGH Mileage dont go hand in hand!

A lot of owners purchase them and hold on to them and would then keep it until the new one comes out, and maybe perhaps if they like the NEW style they buy that one too , its a GARAGE collection and it keeps on getting bigger and bigger!

At least thats what I have seen in Canada.
Most ferraris on autotrader have less then 20,000KM (very few have more then 30,000KM< AND BARELY any with more then 70,000 km )

And yes some owners just sell them before its due for its first service