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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Where is swamp? Price close to RS4 means that we will start the bidding at $65K for stripped car. So upgrading to a descent radio will probally cost $70K and so on. Oh shit ...

This sucker gonna be expensive, get ready to pay my friends

(I wonder if they'll charge $1K for the mats.)
It aint over until that fat lady sings. If this thing is really a P-car and Aston Martin killer as has been alluded to by insiders then the price will probably be higher than my predictions (high 50's base). It looks like BWM needs room for the new M2 so the M3 is shooting for the moon. The will probably leave the M2 as a 335i like performer that handles and feels like a sports car. I always thought 400 hp was insane now 426 is even more insane. This just widens the gap between a moded 335i and the M3. Like I stated many posts ago it is all about performance to dollar ratio. It also sounds like many nice options will be standard which does give BMW reasons (excuses) for jacking the price up.

I guess as of now I am still going to stick to my prediction that the new M will be > 335i + price differnce of mods for equal all around performance.

Sarcastic statements like yours above about the radio and mats only leads me to believe you are just getting sour because the new M3 will be outside your price range.