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Bush's quote:

"War on Terrorism"

How do you get rid of all the terrorists in the world? YOU CAN'T! Once you kill a known terrorist, that person you just killed will have 5 other family members turning into terrorist! Oh maybe we can identify them all by their physical attributes, or language, yeah right.

It's very simple really, lets say for example some foreigner comes over to my country on my soil, and kills my son/daughter claming he/she was a terrorist, or even a accidental casualty of war. Hell yeah, I'd be mad. If I didn't have access to a tank, or Apache, what do you think I would do? I'D STRAP A BOMB TO MY CHEST AND WOULD SEEK RETRUBUTION! Call it vigilante justice aka terrorism, aka justice.

Iran.....attack them too? Al Qaeda is there, don't need proof they just are. Syria....attack them? Al Qaeda is there also. North Korea....attack them? Nah no oil, and there is one CRAZY DUDE running the show over there. BTW....NK is sharing nuclear technology with Iran. Lebanon....well.....ahem, they got attacked.......An elementary grade school child can see where this is leading.

Get out, get out now, cause the only thing that will happen if this onslaught continues is NUCLEAR WAR.............we are not dealing with Russians with similar military firepower, that planted a few nukes off Cuba. We are dealing with...........Terrorism, which is far worse, because they are desperate and we ("we" meaning the free world) are just pissing everyone off.

There is the solution for the Iraq war.