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Originally Posted by ghosthi32 View Post
so is anyone gonna get a supercharger?
I'll be getting the ESS Stage 2 supercharger most likely. I've been on the list for AA's supercharger for ~9 months and they still have yet to inform me ANYTHING about the supercharger. wtf. I evened PM'd Omar/Jean asking them about their new HFCs that didn't throw codes.

No replies.

So I'm pretty much fed up with AA, they did the same thing to me when I wanted an exhaust. They did try to make it up to me by offering their exhaust to me at a VERY good discount, but I had already bought the Eisenmann.

So I will be going with ESS, the question is when. I want to wait and see for a few months how they hold up, just as standard precautions. I haven't decided whether I want to install the blower now or wait until my warranty on the car is up. I probably won't do the latter.
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