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Please add me to the club

Originally Posted by K3N R3D View Post
My fellow E92 M3/M-DCT enthusiasts.

Are we going to let our brothers Lucid, Nechronics, Mantis, Southlight, ChinoOrtega and others show us up with their cool aviators and official 6MT Club???

Come on guys lets show those old timers that we are the wave of the future. We will no longer stand for jerkyness in our gear changes. In traffic our feet will be at ease as we go into automatic mode effortlessly with complete precision. We demand smooth and fast gear changes every single time. We will always get 0 - 60 in 4.6 seconds or less no matter our mood or the quality of our effectiveness as a driver.

And most importantly, club M-DCT's wives will be happy. And you know what they say?
Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. ~Swedish Proverb

If you've ordered your new E92 with M-DCT you are automatically a member. Show your support below. I will continue to add all those that are members to the list.

Members are:
  • K3N R3D
  • FifthStreetz
  • skierman64
  • SMSgt B
  • gasman
  • KKSigua
  • batchelorc
  • swamp2
  • Mx3
  • Nucking Futs!
  • M-Maika
  • DonM3
  • WCH
  • Keto
  • apw2607
  • CSL-Fanatik
  • ANT397
  • Mack211
  • Leonidas
  • GTR-M3
  • JEllis
  • m3pilot
  • reinaldo335
  • DC52E55
  • gadget
  • Z4dave
  • gorun
  • berb_uk
  • e92OMG
  • ShadeM3
  • M3MIKE
  • FusionM3
  • trah23
  • Davo2003
  • xxruffdmxx
  • djdomenick
  • bmwprince4life
  • leq63
  • jdherman
  • laicosmo
  • M3NTAL
  • Zed
  • Redokee
  • RealSanaii
  • HammerM3
  • hankit
  • armyav8tor
  • TheBry
  • darkalley
  • Forsaken
  • Niels E46 M3
  • man02195
  • Prestonr05
  • Dascamel
  • Patricius
  • GT3 Tim
  • yelbom76
  • sfbimmer13
  • M3Cat
  • Dr. T
  • Bob@BPS

We wear our M-DCT Bagde with pride

P.S. A few of us are using the image below for one week just to show support. You are welcome to do the same. You can always change it back to your original aviator this weekend.

Please add me to the club 2009 E-90 M3 with M-DCT and loving it!