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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
What with all the exercise/health/nutrition threads?? One earlier today was asking about what makes a healthy sex life, this is a car forum for f***s sake.
If you have to ask how to have a healthy sex life on an internet forum , well then, you probably don't really need to ask the question in the first place.

Originally Posted by artifice View Post
LOL Congrats Nawaaz!!! Yea the meat head threads are getting annoying. Did you see the ones where they were actually posting pictures. Those dudes crack me up, it is like... "I am man, hear me roar!" or zoolander'ish.
A lot of you guys have met me, so that pretty much keeps me from bragging about how much of a beefcake I am. Otherwise, I'd be all over those threads.

Originally Posted by thatarchitect View Post
Hey guys,

This is mainly for the guys who helped me out in finding Choung after my awful experience at BMW of Dallas.


Good luck,

When I had my E46, I went up to Dallas to visit my brother. I hit a pothole that was so bad, it literally broke one of my motor mounts. Every time I pressed the accelerator, it sounded and felt like my engine was going to fall out. I took the car to BMW of Dallas, and after a few hours they told me it checked out and they couldn't find any issues. Metropolitan Collision here in Houston found the issue immediately. I'd never recommend that place.

Originally Posted by ghosthi32 View Post
so is anyone gonna get a supercharger?
I'm currently in talks with IND to get the ESS VT2 kit, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

Btw, congrats again, Nawaaz. They couldn't have made a better choice.
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