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Euro Meet IRVINE Sunday (1/31/10)

posted this on e90post, not sure if you guys check there or if this is a combined forum so sorry if this is a repost for some of you

Began as a Mercedes meet but we're trying to expand it to all euro's now so feel free to drop by and bring a friend or help out by posting on any other euro forum for us.

Location: Irvine spectrum lot G (if you don't know where irvine spectrum is just type it into google maps and it's very easy to find)

time- 11:30am
date: 1/31/10

caravan from san diego meets at 10am at fusion

hope to see you guys out there! Mercedes forum has over 30+ signed up so let's get some other cars out there

BMW E64 650I(sold) / BMW E92 328I(sold) BMW E93 M3 / Mercedes Benz W209 CLK500 / BMW E46 M3(sold) / BMW E92 335I(sold)
Porsche 996 911 C2(sold) / BMW E46 325CI(totaled)