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Guys..... I'm sorry, but there are no more spots left. I can't add any more people (I wish I can but not my call this time). Anybody who was not on the list originally WILL NOT be able to race but is welcomed to join us as a spectator. The track already has a list of participants and have taken out an insurance policy for a specific number of cars, etc....

However, if somebody happens to cancel in the last minute, I can add one more from the waiting list. So as long as the count does not change, we're okay. Please PM me or call me for last minute updates if you still want to join.

On the bright side, the weather at the track has been AWESOME today. If the weather tomorrow is anything like it is today, we'll have a great day. Very Sunny but still very cold at a high of 61 F creates good racing weather and almost optimum conditions
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