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Originally Posted by Hoo View Post
I've got a coupe on order--for Euro delivery on 4/15/10. Noted with relief that pricing has not changed. Have ordered Interlagos blue with bamboo beige interior. Unfortunately, have not been able to see ether Interlagos blue or Le Mans blue in person--any strong opinions on which is nicer among those whe have seen both colors in person?

I plan on the 18" wheels. I know the Interlagos blue is supposed to have a purplish hue at times--difficult to appreciate on the small 6" paint sample that the dealer showed me. I find little difference between the 2 colors based on the samples, & internet pictures of the two colors are not all that different. I considered Jerez Black and Alpine White as well, but really think I would like one of the blues. I had an Avus Blue E36 M3 before I got my current E46 Titanium silver--I'm really tired of the silver (approaching 9 years old, and too many of silver cars around), so I don't think I want Silverstone (too similar).
Avus Blue is my all time favorite BMW color. Simply gorgeous.

I actually wasn't even considering IB until I happened to see one on my dealer's lot. I changed my order the same day. LMB is a very nice color, and I like it a lot, but it doesn't wow me in the way that IB does. Another nice thing is that IB is exclusively an M color.

If you can't see them in person, the best you can do is look at the hundreds of pictures online here to get a feel for how they look in different situations. Click on my sig picture for a link to a bunch of different pics of my car. The color has not been edited in any of the pics in that thread, so you'll get a pretty realistic idea of IB.
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