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Bush hasn't done anything right!ARE you kidding me. SUre hes done a hell of a lot wrong, but its hard to say he hasn't done anything right. Ok lets see, employement is at an all time low, the economy is doing great, there hasn't been a terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11 and to top it off, we have almost completely destroyed Al Qaeda. 9/11 happened folks. I cannot believe how many people don't take into account that we should be in a global depression right now. 3,000 people died on our turf, in the financial district of New York City. As much as I disagree with Bush on domestic issues, such as abortion, gayrights, stem-cell research, education, and a few other things...none of that is important to the safety of our people, and Bush has done a superb job at that, and to me thats what matters. Democrats want to get rid of the patriot act, are you kidding. Tell me one person that the patriot act has affected, and then maybe I'll consider opposing it, but we should be doing everything possible for security. The government should know everything about every person in my opinion. If thats what it takes to protect our nation thats what it takes.