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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
While that may be true, it's the HW that's standardized. That being the case, if all it would require is a SW update, then I don't see why they wouldn't or couldn't accommodate that.

This is exactly similar to the remapping that the 335 crowd has in regards to the performance power kit that's available. SW is just that...SW. From a technical perspective I can't see any reason it wouldn't work.
Because BMW doesn't upgrade the software version on your car, simply because an individual owner wants it.

Especially if there is no 'official' SIB (service information bulletin) released that approves this type of software upgrade.

If there is no SIB (or TSB) addressing this type of software update...the BMW dealers simply won't honor that request.

Can you imagine the potential liability issues and customer complaints they would have to deal with if they simply downloaded (untested & unapproved) software versions into the car...just because the owner wanted it?

It doesn't work that way...

Your 335i example is not an apples-to-apples comparison either.

The 335i performance software you are talking about, was offered by BMW through the proper channels.

There was a SIB issued that allowed any owner who want the improved power & torque from the ECU performance software, to come in and take advantage of this new software version.

In other words, BMW invited the 335i owners to come and get the new ECU performance software. The owners didn't simply show up at the dealership and request a new ECU file from a different model.

BTW: This entire discussion is likey a moot point anyway. It has not been publicly reported through official channels yet...but I strongly suspect the 'enhanced' EDC software program the OP wants, is tied to a different EDC control module. (that is different from the current version in our cars now)

The competition package will have new shocks, struts and springs. (a different suspension) That will require an entirely new EDC system to control that new suspension. (EDC is application dependent)

And since EDC and DSC have to communicate with one another, there is also a very strong possibility that the DSC control module will need to be replaced. (not just a simple software flash)

You may be under the assumption that all BMW control modules are software upgradeable via CAN-BUS ISTA/P cable interface.

That is not the case.

The current E9x M3 light control module (LCM) is not capable of supporting L.E.D. tail lights. The Bluetooth module isn't externally software upgradeable either. (with a simple software flash) The whole module needs to be replaced and recoded.

Don't ask me why they have it setup that way, it makes no sense to me either.

It's been this way for over 10 years now, and BMW doesn't seem to be in any hurry to change the way they upgrade some of these modules.

There are several modules in the car that you simply cannot update via software flash. (externally)

When the new 2011 M3's are delivered in a few months, they will have different modules installed that we simply don't have right now.

There will be no direct software upgrade path for us, without shelling out several hundred dollars to have these new hardware modules installed. (so that our cars are up to date)

It's been this way for a long time. Just ask anyone who has tried to keep their 2001-03 M3 up to date (current) with a 2004-06 M3. There are a number of modules in the car that need to be replaced altogether, or you cannot enable certain features. (that came out in the later model years like Sirius and L.E.D taillights)

So contrary to what you may believe, the hardware is certainly isn't standardized (from an OE equipment standpoint), when you are talking about any modern BMW car.

Both the hardware & software all always in flux.
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