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Originally Posted by 05SCM3 View Post
The 2011 "Competition Package" includes remapped EDC and DSC programming. It has been suggested that this is being offered to accommodate the wider track 19" wheels and slightly lowered suspension that are also part of the package.

Assuming this "remap" is simply software programming, do you think it will be available for purchase from the dealers for EDC-equipped M3s outside of ordering a 2011 M3 with the package? Say, for those existing and future M3s equipped with EDC and aftermarket wheels and lowering springs?
That's not going to happen through any authorized BMW dealership channel...and I'll tell you why.

Any 'official' BMW software update (that is programmed into your car), will be based on the build date and VIN of your particular vehicle. There must also be an official BMW TIS bulletin from BMW engineering to warrant such an upgrade. There are several different 'versions' of the software in our cars.

BMW engineers are constantly tweaking something in our basic software programming, with the goal of making it work a little better.

Sometimes these software changes do help, other times they end up causeing a new problem that wasn't there before.

Writing software is not an exact science. It's always a work in progress...

There's no way a dealership will risk there dealership franchise in an attempt to circumvent this process.

Now a really smart aftermarket tuner out there might be able to acquire this software code in the future (with the ability to install it using the proper software interface protocol)...but that's a very slim possibility.
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