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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
EDC does not require ZTP, it has been a stand alone option since introduction in the USA. MDM requires ZTP.
Right. I wasn't saying that EDC required ZTP - in fact if you look at the post of mine you replied to, I specifically mentioned the stand alone EDC option.

Hmm, I think I see where my words tripped you up. Let me try to rephrase the part of my post you bolded in your reply:

If this ZCP package does not require ZTP, then I am a bit confused how the enhanced DSC will manifest itself. Without ZTP, you have DSC on and DSC off and that is all. Irrespective of wheels offset and track width etc, those two modes are pretty clear cut, IMHO. In other words how do you enhance "OFF" and "ON"? Therefore, I think this ZCP package must require ZTP, and the enhanced DSC mode will be in the form of a reprogrammed MDM. Thus, EDC will already be included and thus cannot be factored in as part of the ZCP price.

Clearer now?

Having said all that, one more intriguing possibility came to mind. What if the ZCP includes the non-MDrive-dependent MDM mode that the M3 GTS supposedly has? If that is the case then everything would make sense. And, that would also make this package a lot more attractive since it would give you MDM without the need to order ZTP. I am pretty skeptical of this possibility, but it would be great if true.

And according to the German pricelist there's no "modified" DSC, so much less MDM is required to implement this package.
The German package is different though - 7MA vs. ZCP. Not that that guarantees that the two are different animals by any means. I am merely saying that the German info does not necessarily reflect what will happen in the US.

So this new EDC setting could be implemented in a new button without even changing the wiring if what we are talking about is a new fourth setting and not a firmer Normal and/or Sport current setting.
At this point I highly doubt there is a new EDC setting (or new DSC setting for that matter). Instead, the current EDC Sport setting has been retuned to be more aggressive, IMHO. Same would apply to the enhanced DSC if that exists. I.e. MDM is now more aggresive (allows more slip/car rotation/etc.).
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