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This is a very good package for the price, but it's definitely not a competition's basically just a wheel package with some supporting mods to make the wheels work well with the car.

The fact that they used the competition name for this package tells me that we probably won't see a more serious version of the E9x M3 unless they begin selling Performance or Motorsport branded parts which I think would be great.

Also, considering how thoroughly the M3 hands the competition its ass on the track in pretty much every test I've ever watched or read, I don't think they're exactly worried about even the RS5...last I heard it was only a 30hp bump over the RS4 and not a whole lot else that would help it regain the ground it loses to the M3 on a track (Top Gear found the RS4 and C63 equal with the M3 5 seconds ahead, I think it was Driver's Republic that also found the M3 roughly 5 seconds ahead of the C63 and IS-F)