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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Fo shizzle, mapezzul. Or let's hope so at least.

Maybe. But from what was said in the other thread, they are going to use the same width tires as the normal M3 (245 front, 265 rear) despite the wider wheel. In theory the contact patch would still be a tiny bit different due to the wider wheel, but I don't necessarily think that is what the DSC changes are. Footie seems to be saying it will indeed be a harder core version of MDM.
The additional wheel offset will change the behavior as well. I suspect that the DSC changes are to accommodate this if anything, for MDM as well. The EDC changes are to match the springs and probably deal with the reduction in fender lip clearance.

Better handling I have no doubt but under ideal conditions. One pothole or the marginal crap I drive on even in Southern California, no thanks. I did not check the box for the 19" wheels for this very reason.

I was wondering if ZCP/7MA would include anything else as more power, nicer exhaust, or better brakes might have made it worthwhile (even for more money) but apparently not. While that makes me glad about my 2010 it kind of bums me because it probably won't be any different for my 2012.
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