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Originally Posted by bmwbenz0101 View Post
WOW Iguy, you are clearly misinformed. Bush does not have any stake in Halliburtun. Dick Cheney used to be ceo or something of the company before he quit to run for president. Trust me that is not the reason we were there. Cheney is so rich already, he could care less about making money of Iraq. Halliburtun is one of only a handful of companies that does what it does. And obviously, if you have a stake in a company you know a lot of people in a company you can trust, your going to use that company.plain and simple. While I agree that there were alternative motives in Iraq, it cannot be argued that every single president to this day has not had alternative motives in the things that they have done.
Sure, all of the previous Prez had some flaws...nobody's perfect.
However, this guy (GWB) is just far, far, far too flawed...nothing he has done was correct. Everything he proposed had to be changed.
The sad thing in all that is that he got re-elected...