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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post

Since I have been using the powder, about two weeks, I seem to getting a little pooch belly. I never have a pooch. I will stop using it and do some serious ab work to get rid of it I guess.

It makes me belch too.
-peanut butter/milk/good carbs (lot of whole wheat/brown rice/oatmeal/etc...)

-eat every 2-3 hours, never allow yourself to get hungry

-Hit weights hard doing compound movements - also do legs, it boosts testosterone/GH levels.
-allow 2-3 min between sets, keep reps 6-8 and heavy, if you wanna gain a lot try and not break a sweat in the gym or your burning too many calories.

-supplement with whey/NOX or some preworkout if you wanna go that route

-just eat like an animal but keep it clean + workout hard.

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