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Sedans Also?

Originally Posted by 808_135i View Post
M Models M3 Packages/Options

M3 E90/E92: The Competition Package is added at a retail price of $2,500. The package further enhances the highly responsive chassis by installing 19 wheels with greater offset for a wider track, and a 10mm lower suspension. Combined with Electronic Damping Control and Dynamic Stability Control, both remapped for better corning, makes the M3 Coupe or Sedan with this package about the best handling production M car ever built. This new package includes:
  • Electronic Damping Control with new Sport mode mapping
  • 19 wheels (style 359M) with performance tires
  • Lowered M suspension
  • Modified DSC mapping

* This was in a bulletin this morning along with the official updates for March production. (i.e. 335is, etc)
This option is available on sedans ?