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Forget about the marketing! Flexray = Better laptimes by, quicker communication/respoding between the braking, steering, TC, and shifting, modules. Don't forget that the shedding of some wire looms will also cut weight 10-15 lbs.
If some people in here understand in depth how automotive electronics work then you will understand how vital multiplexing is for a sportscar. For the cars brakes, tc, steering and throttle to all be in tune, 10 TIMES FASTER, is phenomenal..The car will correct your mistakes before you even know one has occured.

Now granted maybe the hardcore "im stripping my interior, and I drive with my DSC off always yadda, yadda" track guy may not care about it. But for the majority of the people that go for mountain drives, its a great security on your life.

Don't bitch about it, just accept that its better and that it will make the car better. If the car weighs in at 3500lb and 420hp for 55-60K thats good enough condsidering all of the former options that will now be standard on this model.