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Originally Posted by Bmwforewer View Post
Because befor where the CCC systems,and now the CIC...
The change over to the CIC started in September 2008 after the factory reopened and began 2009 model deliveries. So if the car was delivered after June but was a 2008 model, it would still have CCC. If that's the case, then its unclear to me why one 2008 car made pre-June 2008 would have RTTI and another one manufactured after June (with the CCC) would not.

I have also heard as noted elsewhere that some CCC and CIC cars had RTTI working until the software was updated/changed by BMW dealer and after that, no more RTTI.

Lastly: someone who picked up a new 7-series US-spec a couple of weeks ago in Munich was told that while RTTI information would not show up on the iDrive (in the traffic map and the traffic alerts), the "Dynamic Guidance" function would still work. It sounded like what they were being told was that the car was still receiving the regular traffic info (TMC not TMC+) and using that to route around traffic problems.

I have been testing this on my car since then and a couple of times, when I turned dynamic guidance on/off for a long journey, I saw a change in the route. Now I don't know if there is TMC data coming in (no sign of that on the display) or maybe the navigaiton maps have some info on them (based on the time of day) that selectes one route over another based on likely traffic patterns? I'm going to keep trying this and comparing it to what I see on googlemaps for traffic around here.