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Originally Posted by Checkcaptain View Post
Sorry, but I have to support the established vendors like IND or Rennspec here. For curiosity I shipped a Porsche system, which was PayPaled on Suday, to Dubai this week - the happy customer was able to pick it up yesterday (Wednesday) nite - thatīs 3 days after payment! Who does not belive can have the tracking # from me!!! Me and others forwarded you to people who know about the Akra system or offered info personally - thatīs not just for selling a system, thatīs because me and others are also M drivers and know about these babies. I was the very first who had an Evolution system installed on his M3 (except the Akra test car), but you ignored. Now you buy your system obviously from a BMW dealer, who has no idea about it and finally your system will come you more expensive than offered in this thread by other people, since he will not get the propper discounts, cause he is only ordering a single system and he also has to pay taxes, VAT and shipping.
Finally or latest when your car throws CEL you will cry here in the Forum and ask for help!
Thatīs yust my 2 cents...

Mine came 5 days after payment because of New Year shutdown. Duties and VAT were cheaper than a dealer.

Cant understand why you didnt buy from Nate/Ralf. They are the ones supporting helping us here. Try and cancel with your dealer and do the right thing, you wont regret it