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Originally Posted by Irb Digital View Post
I'm surprised they are calling this a "Competition" package. I'm gonna call it how I see it......cut springs, cast wheels with a different design, and a new sport mode on the EDC, to compliment the sport mode that I thought already existed. It looks like an appearance package to me, and I can't imagine any of these competition items, really making an impact in any type of "competition. Where are the brakes, where is the weight loss, where is the power increase (hell, I'd take an air filter). I don't think BMW has gone official yet, with what is coming, but I was hoping for something that would make me want to trade up. The only thing I've read recently that has invoked feelings of an impulse buy, is the possibility of matte colors coming to the U.S. I'm actually bothered by the fact that the C63 is getting the upgrades and improvements from Mercedes in the peformance department. Things like brakes, power from new lightweight engine parts, alcantera, carbon fiber, etc...................///M needs to step it up. While ///M is building SUV's for the next stoplight , AMG is looking like the the real option for the hardcore enthusiast. I'll refrain from discussing the peformance advantage the CTS-V already has. Wake up BMW!
I think you have to wake up. Ever heard of M3 GTS with "brakes, power from new lightweight engine parts, alcantera, carbon fiber, etc...." ? A "real option for the hardcore enthusiast" The C 63 AMG Performance an the CTS-V Coupe will never even come close to M3 GTS. M3 GTS is in 911 GT3, Gallardo Superleggera and 430 Scuderia league.