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Wow, what a depressing review. That is the first review I've ready about this car that has been down on it. The OP makes it sound so mundane. Are you sure it was a V? It has beaten the M5 and the new XFR in comparison tests. I don't know how a 4 door, 4000+ lb car than runs 0-60 in 3.9-4.3, depending on the review, could possibly feel detuned. That's like saying the C63 feels detuned because it has less hp than the other 6.2L AMG's. Both the CTS-V and C63 are still faster and more powerful than their direct competition, aren't they?

I sat in a CTS-V and I thought the interior was better than the 1, 3, or 5 series. The new E class has a nicer interior than the V though, IMO.

Anyway, I still plan on getting one once there are used example available and I can snag one for about $50-55k with some options, in a manual of course.

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