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Originally Posted by footie View Post
If it keeps that short tail then it all but confirms the engine will be transverse like the TT uses only in it's case it's in the front. If true then it would also mean that it will use the similar Haldex system that is to be adopted by Lamboghini in all it's future models.

BTW if this car gets the TT-RS 2.5TFSI engine then not only will the Cayman S have something to worry about but so will the bigger R8.
It really makes me think, if this potential R4 really does make it and is mid engine, with the same power as the TT-RS or even better..... Where will it it sit? In between the TT-RS and R8? If this new ride is inbetween the RS and R8, it'd be overpriced >_>

The Haldex system is more geared towards the rear right? The current TT-RS is still front biased if I'm not mistaken.