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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
I usually just ignore posts like that. Interesting enough that Audi and Porsches are the next 2 most discussed car behind bmw here.
It actually makes sense since they are all within a few hours of each other in Bavaria. I have been to all three factories/museums, and I have to say that regardless of your personal bias, the Germans know how to build cars. I've owned an S4, S5 and a current M3, and I have spent a lot of time behind the wheel behind a Cayman on a track lately, and I can say that the performance of these vehicles comes down to preference. Do you like Audi's AWD or do you like precise steering feel from the Porsche? To me the M3 is directly between the two in regards to performance (HP excluded), and lap times on the track are very close.

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Thickness feels good to me and my hands aren't that big.