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Okay guys, here is the deal....

I talked to track management this morning and they told me that they do NOT want to make a call just yet. The weather is changing rapidly and predictions are not too accurate right now. And since the event was postponed so many times, they want to give us a chance to try and make it this Saturday. Consequently, we will wait and make a call either on Thursday night or very early Friday morning.

If it does not happen this Saturday, then the only available date left is Saturday, February 6th. After that, the track will not be available on the weekends at least until April 16th; but by then, it is usually way too hot to race .

I know many of you are traveling a long distance for this, and I'm really sorry to keep you hanging, but I just don't want to disapoint you guys again with a rush decision in an unsure weather situation like we've been having lately.

I will update this thread (and all other threads) by tomorrow night accordingly
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