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Originally Posted by spicoli024 View Post
I called that day. They claimed they didn't have it and did not want to be responsible for any non-fitment issues if I bought it so I held off. If you switched to the amber corners can I buy your old clears?

Are you also a member on e46fanatics? I think I saw your car on a track thread there once. It is hard to forget such a beautiful car. If I recall correctly you were running gold Einki NT03s wrapped with Nitto NT01s. How were the NT01s? My track wheels just arrived Thursday and I am deciding between those and the PS Cups. Have you tried both?
Actually I think I have 2 pairs of those clear corner lights. The first pair I bought one of the clips broke so I ordered another one. Dude they are yours if you want them. I don't think I am going to go back to those. I love the amber ones too much. Just pay for the shipping and the lights are yours for free. Make sure your corner lights are the kind that clips in and not the ones that has to be screwed in.

I do have the Einkei NTO3's with NTO1's but they are not gold. I painted my OEM 19's gold but not my Einkeis. I would not bother getting the PS Cups. I have read that they are not that good and are way too expensive. I doubt they are going to be better than the NTO1's. I love the NTO1's, they have so much grip and have lasted me for 7 track sessions and I think I can get 7 more out of them. The only other tire I would ever consider for track would the R888.