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Originally Posted by memento View Post
that's funny stuff right there! First of all, the average age back then was like 40. Secondly, they lead an ACTIVE lifestyle. It was either that or freeze and starve to death. And thirdly, you know that they didn't die of strokes and heart attacks? I'd love to see the medical records please.

We can spew crap like this back and forth all day long....

One thing is for sure - I agree with gonzo!
I notice you selectively did not assess the objective data presented above. It is black and white showing your side has no backbone whatsoever and it was published two weeks ago in a credible clinical nutrition journal.

What exactly does the average life expectancy have to do with saturated fats causing heart disease, stroke, and cardiovascular disease? If a diet high in saturated fat leads to heart disease, a large group of individuals who ate as such would be dying of symptoms related to the disease. Does an active lifestyle simply inhibit the action of these "bad fats" that cause heart disease?

Gonzo it seems to be on my side so I'm not sure if you have your story straight.