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Test drove a 2010 CTS-V

cliff notes; drove a new V on the highway, feeder roads for about 15miles or so. First 10' they got into the dealer.

2010' CTS-V 19" wheels PS2 tires detuned ZR1 engine 556hp sticker: 70k

So I get to the dealer, I went to the wrong one at first lol which was a Nissan place...I bumped into a guy I know there, told me I could drive a new 370z Roadster they just got in (which I did afterwards) told him I had an appointment with the V.

Anyway, whipped in the Cadillac place and saw Daniel getting out after just pulling in the V. First thing he said was "hey look at this beast I found for ya" lol

Driving impressions

First, I really dig the looks of the big wheels/tires...that was my first impression and what stood out to me in person that really did not in the pictures I looked at online. It looks like it would really grip on a track.

The guy driving with me told me it was ok to get on it, he said it wouldn't scare him..... so I did. First thing I noticed was the SC whine which was pretty cool. But the motor itself was pretty quiet. It did have a good punch but it really did not feel like 556hp? I am sure if it was a 6-speed I could have revved it better. The auto did have a manual mode which I did use. It didn't have paddle shifters like the 335i but little buttons on either side of the steering wheel. You can shift with the stick as well but it is backwards from the 335 i.e. to upshift you push up instead of towards you. It's not as smooth as our shifters.

I got to take it on the highway.........first it lacks the intelligence of the BMW. For instance when I put it in manual mode (I drove an auto) and I shifted to late the car would bog, whereas the 335i it will shift it automatically for you. Plus the redline is only 6k rpm and the Tach gauge was too small for my taste. I would like to see the 7200 redline like the C6Z. The transmission was also kind of jerky at times. But to be fair I really did not get to ramp it up through the gears, mostly short 3rd gear pulls. And the times I did get to the car bogged because I hit the limiter..woops.

The interior was good. It has the NAV which pops out of the dash which was pretty cool. The gauges could probably use some work they are the same from the regular CTS. (I rented one before) The steering wheel was suede which was nice and it had the recaro seat's which were like the seats on the 335i sports package..held you in there. Overall though I would say the leather and interior in the BMW is better.

When your in the 335i it has that more 'cockpit' feel to it, like your strapped in. That is the best way I can explain it. But I am used to the 335 so maybe I could get used to the CTS-V in the same way.

Overall, the 335i feels tighter and to me is more of a driving experience than the V. But to be fair the V is 700lb. more @ 4200lbs! I wish I could have taken it in more turns but this was more of a straight line drive on feeder roads and the highway.

It almost feels like the car is de-tuned which I think it is. The ride was very nice though just cruising on the highway. Maybe even better than the 335! It sure felt nice on those PS2's rather than the runcraps. Wish I could drive this car on a oval track.