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Who said anything about straight pipes? Twin turbo Vettes aren't loud at all, at least not until you plant your foot on the LOL pedal. The ergonomics of the interior are just fine for a two seater. Everything's within easy reach and the heads up display is awsome when you're running the car hard. The materials aren't top notch, but you can't have it all.

You seem to be much more worried about what other people think than actually enjoying the performance that's offered. If we're talking about modifications, dollar for dollar you'll never keep up with a Vette in a 911. Stuff's just too damn expensive for them. And if you break something major like a crank or transmission....get ready to write some heavy checks.
I'll admit it, dollar for dollar the Vette wins overall in performance, but I would still pay that extra premium for the 911 Turbo, just cause I am attracted to the styling more. And it's not like the 911 Turbo is slow or anything. It is damn good on the track and as a daily driver. I can't see myself driving a Corvette in the snow. Sorry.

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