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Originally Posted by spicoli024 View Post
I do not really have a set area in mind. My objective is to find something with good situs value that I can either fix up and rent out or fix up and call home and hold onto as an investment for a few years. I found a pretty cool house a block from the Galleria. It needs a little work IMO but the location and shell are great. It has a surprisingly large, shaded backyard and a view of Transco Tower at night. The large two car garage is also a plus. Once I manage the funds there will be plenty of room for the CGT
My next house requires a three car garage for obvious reasons...actually, one obvious reason that starts with the letter "P."

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those wheels are just sickness.... Cheers....
Thanks! If you're interested, there's a second and final group buy for the RG63 wheels wrapping up right now in the Sponsor's section.

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Best one of the bunch from a pure photography standpoint. Not sure if you planned the blues, etc. but it came out very nice with the lighting and all.
I expressly picked this location for the blue and red background to match the blue and red on my car. It took awhile to compose the picture the way I wanted, and I waited for 20 minutes for the sun to go behind the clouds to capture this shot, but it was worth it.

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ha, I think 5 years with a manual tranny as a DD was plenty of practice.
It's okay, Kyle, I hear the CGT 6MT is very forgiving.
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