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Help my weird sister pick out a car!

Dear E90post friends and friends from other bimmerpost communities. My sister is weird. She wants a new car but she's very, very particular about car image.

Our budget, around 40k and under.

She'd prefer a small sedan or a hatch

Her previous cars are: 2nd gen Acura Legend (1st car, handed down from my mom). Nissan Pathfinder (2nd car, handed down from my dad, but she crashed it). 1999 Civic Si (she got it in black, not the blue, and had it stock forever... it hurt me inside. She did drive the shit out of it though). 2004.5 Jetta GLI VR6.

Makes we can't use:
BMWs (she thinks they're poser. )
Mercedes (the C is too prissy and the SLK is too small).

She's always talking about fargegnugen or whatever those vw fanboys call it to make their cars seem more awesome than they really are. But she finally realizes VWs arent the best built things in the world. She doesn't want something too "adult", but she's a commercial banker, so she can't be too "i think im 16" either.

Oh, and just because her budget is that high doesn't mean she wouldnt be happy with something cheap(er). I mention this because many of you are like me and would pretty much just get the nicest/fastest car we could get within reason.

Cars with manual trannies are preferred (She's only driven manuals for the last 10 years.) But she's considering a DCT/DSG instead.

The top contenders out of her mouth so far:
A4 (the knock is that its pricey)
A3 (the knock is that its 4 doors now instead of 2)
GTI (the knock is that she's kind of sick of VWs)
Civic Si (the knock is that she had one when she was in college)

I'm forcing her to test drive the WRX (if you like a GTI, how could you not like the WRX. Plus, Subaru is a top quality niche brand).

I'm also forcing her to test drive the TSX 6-speed and the TSX V6.

I'm going to suggest she drive the EVO MR Touring, just because I like it and it gives me an excuse.

So reel em off! Think of cars that aren't mainstream, but aren't so weird/pointless that they stand out for being so.
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