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Originally Posted by Bobby_Light View Post
Soy contains trypsin inhibitors which literally inhibit the breakdown of soy protein deeming it useless as a protein supplement. Soy also contains anti-nutrients (phytates) which bind to minerals. And based on first hand experience, I know for a fact that soy is indeed estrogenic and inhibits thyroid function. Part of my business is salivary steroidal hormone testing so I have objective data indicating soy's estrogenic tendencies.

Most whey powders won't be much better as they are loaded with a bunch of synthetic shit, derived from sick cows, are pasteurized, contain denatured protein, and inflame the small intestine.One protein powder that I would look into is from raw, organic milk and is cold pressed (not heated) making it extremely bioavailable. The name is Eclater de Sante.

The benefits of your food intake will only be as good as what you are able to digest, assimilate, and eliminate. You are what you eat and can break down. Whole, organic foods are exceptional for this reason. We are designed to eat such foods.

Data does not support your claim of protein intake impairing renal function in healthy populations.

Are you talking organic peanut butter or peanut butter with hydrogenated oils? Many people have allergies to peanuts so be careful with such a recommendation as it may backfire.

A buddy quit working out with us, wifey thing we think, and gave me some powder he had bought. I am pretty sure it is a cheap brand. 26g's per scoop blah blah blah.

Could I be doing worse by drinking/consuming it vs just eating a lot? The sick cow thing makes me want to chunk it.

I have the metabolism of a hummingbird and eat like a freaking Clydesdale.
6'2" 195-198 lbs. If I don't eat 5 times a day I get weak feeling and will lose weight. I am not complaining at my age either. I would hate for it to be the other way around being I enjoy eating very much.