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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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Originally Posted by Ca$hOnly View Post
This is complete BS. He lied in his for sale post, now he's claiming he doesn't have the money for a refund. He obviously knew that nobody was going to buy the wheels if the offset was changed, so he conveniently "forgot" about putting that in the post Please. I've heard shit like this many times...from scammers and thieves.

There is a certain amount of trust that people place in each other on a forum like this. We sell expensive wheels, tires, exhausts to each other all the time. Once you break that trust by being a scumbag, you should no longer be a part of this community.

This guy is scum imo. Don, you should try everything in your power to get your money back. Good luck.
Im sorry but you could not be more incorrect-