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Very nice ride. I had a '95, and traded it in for my 318ti years ago, with about 165k miles on it.

I kick myself in the ass every time I see one of them out. Mine was black on black, absolutely mint, and completely unmolested. It still had the hubcaps, OEM airfilter and exhaust on it. The interior was perfect, never smoked in, and the factory paint had never been touched and still looked good (even though it was getting a little thin in places). It still ran great and I'd take it on long trips without thinking twice about it. The only issue it had was a slight grind going into 3rd gear, and that's what caused me to start looking to trade.

I had no idea what the value of these cars was going to do as drifting wasn't really even a sidenote in the US back then. They gave me $3500 for it in trade, and with that many miles on it I thought I was doing Ok. What a dumbass I was!