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Originally Posted by Bmwforewer View Post
I find out the US cars changing the frequency on radio every 0.2 MHz,the European 0.1 MHz.So the car can't receiving traffic info....I ordered a new European CIC ,also EU. lightmodul,and EU instrument combi ...Then after we just find out,non of them I needed...1 guy in Austria,solved the problems just for 400...1 thing never will be work on my car:BMW online services...US cars don't have 1 part,some communication module.The wire is in the car,but even if I install 1,will not communicating whit US spec. Now the radio,the headlights work as a European one!!
So just to make sure I understand: this guy was able to program something into the car differently that lets you tune in the european FM frequency increments and your CIC works fine? So does your traffic info work now as well? When was your M3 produced by the way?

Could you find out more about what this guy did to program the car? Also, what is the name of the shop and where exactly is it? Maybe you can tell him that there is a business opportunity for him here because there are several US-spec owners looking to get this work done.

This is great - many thanks for finding and posting this info.