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Originally Posted by spicoli024 View Post
Nice pics Tom. I like #7. Funny, I was going to head downtown Sunday and snap some shots too. I had the location of your first pic in mind. I really wanted the skyline in the background. Plus Houston has one of the nicest skylines in the country IMO. I thought underneath Enron Circle might be a cool spot too. Anyway, skipped all that to go house shopping with the gf. I didn't get any pics, but I did have fun driving all over town on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Maybe I'll get around to pics next weekend. Tag along if you have time. You can log some extra D90 practice hours taking pics of my car too
I agree that Houston has one of the best skylines in the U.S., and yesterday was a perfect day for taking pictures. I ran into so many people doing the same thing downtown, it got to be pretty funny. Let me know when you want to take some pics and do some driving. I'm down. Enron circle is a great spot, but I think it works best late at night. There's much less traffic then and the lights at night are very cool.

Where are you looking for a house? The wife and I are starting to look around for our second house on the west side of town or in the heights. We'll probably keep and rent out our current house.

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That last picture is worthy to be in next years M3Post calendar. the D90 is sweet and your 18-200 is a great walkaround lens. Car looks great!
Thanks again! It's funny how everyone I've shown these pictures to has a different favorite. The 18-200 is a great starter/one-and-done lens. I've already got my eye on a couple of others, but I need to work on my skills first.

Originally Posted by slipstream View Post
I love the Houston skyline. The Heritage Plaza building is my favorite skyscraper, period. Great job on the photo shoot! Almost makes me miss university days. . . almost.
Thanks, and I agree about the Heritage Plaza building. It's amazing how it stands out even among the other very original and incredible buildings in downtown Houston. Did you previously live/go to school here in Houston?

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Great pics Tom, also congrats on the D90 purchase, its a terrific camera!!
Loving it so far. You should meet up with Kyle and me -- maybe we can get some nice rolling shots.
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