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When BMW talk about their M-Division products we do not headline with the cars output as other manufacturers do to grab their attention we hit you with the core reasons for the definition of a performance car - What makes a performance car ? we headline with the use of technology and how this brings about the enhancement of a performance car , We tell you how everything comes together in our marketing to make a performance car We just dont hit you with the flat out power output. because you would like to steer round corners or else you will be flat out in a tree or off a cliff.

M-Dynamics will be a major talking point because of what it brings to a performance car , The new V8 will also be a talking point becaue of it's association with the world class and award winning V10. But there are other interesting points to talk about than just announcing the power output.

When at the Detroit show a Lexus marketing exec boasted that the new Lexus IF will be a rival for the next M3 on which I replied " How can you say that when you have not even seen the next M3?" Let alone know what it will bring? As usual the performance manufacturers are claiming that flat out performance will be the significant factor in their marketing when some manufacturers are not even on the same page let alone in the same book as a BMW-M car. And the next M3 will cement this fact.