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And yet I find articles that counter yours. You can find articles on the internet that support all kinds of things. Your article does not prove anything the same as this article probably does not convince you:

And straight from the American Heart Association:
Saturated fat
Saturated fat is the main dietary cause of high blood cholesterol. Saturated fat is found mostly in foods from animals and some plants. Foods from animals include beef, beef fat, veal, lamb, pork, lard, poultry fat, butter, cream, milk, cheeses and other dairy products made from whole and 2 percent milk. All of these foods also contain dietary cholesterol. Foods from plants that contain saturated fat include coconut, coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil (often called tropical oils), and cocoa butter.

So the jury is still out and it's better to err on the side of caution until a consensus is reached. I don't consider the AHA as "junk science". You are free to bathe in oil if you'd like.
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